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Our Principles

The Objectives of Breeding:

Nowadays, the objectives of breeding a certain breed of dog change almost daily, and oftentimes unfortunately not for the better.

For us as breeders, above all, the most important quality apart from the appearance standards of the breed – to which all our dogs conform on a high degree – is the inheritance of internal values such as the good temperament that is inherent to the breed, superior instinct, and the reliable character and nervous system for the offspring. We try to engage in activities and work with each of our dogs on a daily basis. We “work” with puppies from when they are 4 weeks old. Our puppies always arrive to the new owners with basic socialization knowledge. They are open to everything that is new, and consider every change in their lives as natural. They are not afraid of unfamiliar people, of sounds, of depth or height, etc..

We consider it important that our dogs get to know and love more than one type of sport.

In the selection and breeding of our dogs, apart from the appearance, having these characteristics are fundamental:

In the selection and breeding of our dogs, apart from the appearance, having these characteristics are fundamental:

Good temperament

Excellent nervous system

Balanced behavior

Being exempt from all disorders/ sicknesses that are specific to the breed

Openness to everything and everyone

Human focus

Great ability to motivate

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We wish to breed for owners who are looking for a true companion and partner, not “just a dog”. Who don’t treat dogs as objects, but know that dogs are sentient beings as well, and handle them accordingly.


Puppies can only be bought from us together with a pedigree chart, a breeder’s contract and guarantee, as well as medical screenings and a DNA profile! If You would like a puppy without these, then unfortunately we cannot sell you a puppy.


It is essential to us that before you buy a puppy from our kennel, we get to know each other. I know that neither of us is in an easy position. Just as You, prospective owners, find it difficult to decide which kennel to buy the right puppy from, we as breeders find it equally difficult to find the dream owner for all of our puppies. In order to be able to choose the puppy that best suits Your temperament and personality, we need to obtain basic information about the potential new owner. This is indispensable for a long-term, happy, and balanced life with a puppy.


One of the key points of the contract is offspring follow-up. This is a critical condition for quality breeding. We therefore ask the owners to send us pictures and achievements via Facebook or e-mail when they have the time to do so.


We only sell puppies from our kennel with pre-emption rights, which means that before a resale/transfer to a third party could take place, our kennel has the “first option to buy”. A puppy can ONLY be sold/transferred to a third party, if we waived this right. Given that life can be unpredictable and anything can happen over the years, we take back dogs that originate from us, regardless of the cause – whether it is because of a change in living conditions, illness, or moving.
Black Obsidian Kennel
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